About Us

The Nurse Behind the Name

Nurse Bec Supplies was founded and created by Becky, a nurse, mentor, deputy sister and clinical educator with over 15 years nursing experience.

How did Nurse Bec Supplies come about?

“It was when I was a student that I came up with the idea of nurse starter kits. I couldn’t find a nurse starter kit with all I wanted in it, and I found it very frustrating finding all the items I needed individually. I remember thinking one day I’d love to create nurse starter kits to help students and newly qualified nurses”


Several years later Becky put her idea into action and Nurse Bec Supplies was born!


What’s in a Nurse Starter Kit?

The idea behind a nurse starter kit is that it saves you all the hassle of searching for the items individually, and are carefully put together from the mind of someone who has been a student herself and has mentored and supported many students and new nurses over the years.

Each kit has been carefully put together by Becky herself with practically in mind, and a splash of colour to brighten up your uniform.

A typical kit includes a 4 colour pen, scissors, notepad, pen torch, fob watch, lanyard/ID badge clip and a CPR keyring.

Do you only sell Nurse Starter Kits?

We sell more than just nurse starter kits. We have a range of accessories available such as, lunch bags, and fob watches and ID badge reels and clips. We don't just cater for nurses, we cater for all health care professionals and are continuing to expand our range and adding new products regulary.

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