6 Essential study tips

6 Essential study tips

1. Start early - where possible, weeks if not months. It will ease the stress so much if you make a plan early and start as early as you can.

2. Schedule - Plan and schedule your study. Grab a planner, plan out your week, allow for breaks and self care.

3. Have a tidy workspace - A tidy space is a tidy mind and it's so true. Make sure your work space is clean, tidy organised and free from distractions.

4.Vary your study - Variety is the spice of life and this is true to studying too! Try different techniques, different methods such as flashcards, mind maps,  notes, videos. Mix it up so you don't get fed up!

5. Pin posters up -  This worked well for me during my training, I had them everywhere. Pin post it notes/posters everywhere -ideally somewhere you go regularly so you're constantly reminded of it.

6. Write notes - Instead of reading a text book over and over which cab become boring and tedious, try doing something more interactive such as note taking. Studies have shown the act of writing information out can help us retain the information better. You could try medication revision books, anatomy and physiology revision books and even conditions revision books all available from the link below:

Notebooks & Revision Books – Nurse Bec Supplies

7. Self care -  Make sure you make time for you. Take regular breaks, do something fun, give your brain a rest.

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