About Us

Nurse Bec Supplies was created and founded by Becky, a registered adult nurse with over 13 years experience with a background in Oncology and Trauma, but Trauma is Becky's true love.

When Becky was a student nurse many years ago she couldn't find anywhere that sold all the items she needed as a new student starting their training. She had no idea what she needed and found it really frustrating. Becky said she remembers thinking at the time one day 'I'd love to create a kit to help other students like me'....

Many years later and after a re-launch in 2020 Nurse Bec Supplies was born. The first product created was a nurse starter kit which encompassed all the essentials needed for a shift to help new students, available in different colours and designs.

Then November 2020 something amazing happened - Stacey Solomon kindly featured Becky's Instagram page and business to her followers, it was a huge help for this small business, and something Becky will be eternally grateful for!

The business soon expanded from there and Becky now creates her own range of planners, pouches, scissors and most recently the brand new Nurse Parcel!

Here at Nurse Bec Supplies our number one aim is to make your life easier. Working in the world of health care is stressful enough, so in our store you'll find products that all have one goal in mind: to make your life easier.

Thank you for visiting and if you have any questions at all please drop us a message.