About Us


Nurse Bec Supplies was created and founded by Becky in 2018. Becky is a qualified adult nurse, former Deputy Sister and Clinical Educator with over 14 years experience with a background in Oncology and Trauma. 

We’re here to help YOU.

I get it, as a nurse myself I understand the stresses of being both a student and a qualified nurse.

Part of my role as a clinical educator was to support and teach new starters and students. This was a role I adored and love that I can continue to support you with with products to help ease the overwhelm.

Our mission is to help make your journey in nursing whether you’re a student or qualified a bit easier.

From study resources to mystery boxes our products cater for your study and self care needs as a health care professional.

Let’s ease the pressure - It’s time to start making your health care journey a bit easier; starting here. 

You’ve got this xx