Tips for lectures

Tips for lectures

1. **Be Prepared:** Review the material before the lecture to have a basic understanding of the topic.

2. **Active Listening:** Pay full attention, take notes, and engage with the material actively.

3. Sit in a good spot!

4. Ask Questions:** Don't hesitate to ask questions if something is unclear. It's likely others have the same question.

5. **Organised Notes:** Keep organised and detailed notes.

6. **Stay Focused:** Minimise distractions, such as your phone or unrelated websites.

7. **Use Technology Wisely:** If allowed, use digital tools for note-taking or recording lectures.

8. **Review Regularly:** Review your notes soon after the lecture to reinforce the material.

9. Blue light glasses can help with bright lights

10. Go for  a walk on your break

11. Stat hydrated and take snacks!

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