Tips on learning medication

Tips on learning medication

Learning medication may seem overwhelming at first and to be honest you'll never learn every single drug. But with time and practise it will start to sink in. Here are my top tips to help you learn medication.

1. Don't stress! It will take time. There are hundreds if not thousands of medications out there, it's impossible to learn every single one, and it's also not expected of you. Don't' pressurise yourself into learning them all! Even the most experienced nurse doesn't know them all.

2. Practice & experience - If you're a student take part in the drug round as much as you can. The more you do it the more familiar drug names will become. 

3. Download the BNF app - Or refer to the BNF book in the department. The app is very clear and easy to use and ideal for quickly researching a drug.

4. Make notes of unfamiliar drugs -  During your shift grab a note book and make a note of the drugs you want to learn more about then later on when you get home get the BNF app and have a look in a bit more detail. 

5. Research unfamiliar medication in a bit more detail in a dedicated medication revision book. This handy 5 star rated book (linked below) is full of templates to help you break down the drug in a structured clear format, you can write in your own words your learning about the drug using an app such as the BNF. Aim to learn 1-3 drugs a week so you don't get too overwhelmed.

Medication Revision Resources – Nurse Bec Supplies

6. An additional resource which can help you learn medication and in particular medication groups is the Medication Pal. It's a pocket sized book designed to help give you a clear, easy to digest overview of common drug groups. Plus it's packed with hints and tips,

Medication Pal – Nurse Bec Supplies

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