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Medication Revision Book (Pink/pur) PRE ORDER

Medication Revision Book (Pink/pur) PRE ORDER

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Medication Revision Book (Purple/pink).

This is a PRE ORDER and will be dispatched (estimated) mid JULY. Any other items included with this item will be shipped together.

Designed by a nurse, assessor and clinical educator with over 14 years nursing experience this book has been created to help you with your medication learning.

•It can be overwhelming and difficult to learning new medications; and whilst time and practicing medication rounds is key, having a handy book with you is ideal for you to write down any new medication you come across. I always say to students working with me to try to learn 1-2 a week don’t overwhelm yourself - but it’s entirely up to you :)

•You can write the drugs as you come across them, the book has blank sections so you can break down the drug in more detail to help develop your understanding. Ideal for students or newly qualified.

•Research has shown learning by writing in this sort of manner can help us retain the information and is a more active way of learning.

The sections include:

•Drug Name
•Drug Class
•Indications/Therapeutic Use
•Mechanism of action
•Side Effects
•Drug Interactions
•Additional Notes

A5, with 144 pages (enough room for 72 drugs), with a clear acetate front and back for protection.

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