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My Nursing Journal - for Registered Nurses

My Nursing Journal - for Registered Nurses

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Journal away your day with this journal created exclusively for nurses!

“Journaling has changed my life; situations at work do not upset me as easily”

This is a quote from a study on journaling for registered nurses which found there were huge benefits! (Nursing Of Nursing Education & Practice 2017)

Nursing can be both rewarding and stressful. It can also be mentally and emotionally exhausting, and journaling is a way of helping ease that stress. 

I’ve created a range of journals to help you get all your thoughts and feelings to paper; a completely safe space where you can write anything you like. 

Research has shown journaling has countless benefits including; 

  • Reducing Stress
  • Improving Mood
  • Improving Critical Thinking Skills
  • Promotes Understanding & Self Awareness
  • Improve on our habits
  • It can even lower our blood pressure!

Created by Nurse Bec Supplies - it’s the first of its kind in that it’s designed specifically for registered nurses (you will find a student nurse version on the website & I’ve got another coming up for health care workers).

  • A5, with 264 (267 total) undated pages, paper 90gsm, and an opaque acetate cover front and back for protection
  • Has a positive theme with sections for you to fill out about yourself to help encourage you when you’re having bad days at work.
  • Has pages for you to write any positive comments people may have said to you.
  • And has inspirational quotes throughout the book.

“Journaling is your avenue to emotional literacy. There’s no greater self help book written than the one you’ve written about yourself” (Vex King)


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