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The Ultimate Nursing Download

These are digital downloads. These are downloadable PDF’s not physical books.  You will be able to download your files post purchase. 

Discover the Ultimate Nursing Bundle a digital download designed to empower and support you throughout your nursing education journey.

Whether you're just starting your nursing journey or preparing for life as a newly qualified nurse, the Ultimate Nursing Bundle is your indispensable companion.

Download today and gain access to a wealth of notes to help support your learning excel in your studies and future career as a dedicated healthcare professional.

Contains digital copies of:

  1. Organ and their Obstacles - Notes on an overview of anatomy and physiology of 11 Organs and some associated conditions 
  2. The Little Book of Wounds - Discover notes on the fundamentals of wound care
  3. Medication Pal - this provides notes on tips for learning medication, and an overview of some common medication classes including side effects, examples and cautions. 
  4. The little book of Nursing Notes - Discover a range of nursing notes covering injection angles, to condition comparisons to pressure area staging. 
  5. Decoding Healthcare- decipher some common health care jargon with this handy download.
  6. Common conditions you may see in practice - Discover notes and visual images on 73 common conditions you may see in practice. 
  7. Drug calculations revision book- practice calculations with this book which has even helped people PASS their exams!
  8. ECG flashcards - Visual rhythms you may see on an ECG

For more details on each download please see individual listing on this website.

Please note all downloadable files are copyrighted by Nurse Bec Supplies. This product is for the buyers own use only.This product cannot be resold or re produced.

Colours may vary due to computer and printer settings.

All digital products purchased are non refundable

Any information in the material sold (created by Nurse Bec Supplies) is based on my own note taking; they are written in good faith using reputable sources in the UK- every effort is taken to make sure the information is correct and up to date at the time of writing. However there may include typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions. The material is provided for general information and maybe subject to change, the material should not be relied upon or used as the basis for making decisions without consulting more timely sources of information. Any reliance on this material is at your own risk. These are not intended as advice and are not a replacement for educational, medical or clinical advice. The material should not be used for decision making, assessment, diagnosis or prescription. Please check the information with each trust/area and always follow local guidelines and policies.

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